Our expertise


  • Networking
  • Security
  • Wireless

Data Center

  • Unified compute
  • Virtualization
  • Storage

IT Staffing

  • Training
  • Staff augmentation
  • Resident services


  • Office 365
  • Storage & backup
  • Collaboration

Project Management

  • Resource planning
  • Business process improvement
  • Monitors & controls

Procurement & Logistics

  • Imaging
  • Configuration
  • Staging

Managed Services

  • Proactive maintenance & support
  • Patch update & management
  • Monitoring

Business Consulting

  • Behavior modeling
  • IT compliance
  • Change management


Great professional services help you solve or avoid problems, reach an aspiration or goal, or gain insight. WrightCore does all three—our architects, engineers, consultants, and support professionals help you use products, services, software, and devices to solve, envision, and understand new possibilities for your business. We know that businesses are being asked to do more with less. WrightCore has the talent to assist with these tasks. We’re adept at running complex, multi-faceted projects to manage your business workflows.

Our integrated technology services solutions help businesses maintain and operate. We serve you wherever you are in your IT lifecycle with planning, deployment, and support services; up and down the IT stack from infrastructure to applications.

WrightCore has a proven track record in Business Consulting and Project Management. We provide these services to ensure that our client projects are efficiently and cost effectively completed.

Our abilities range from behavior modeling, mapping the flow and usefulness of information, to IT compliance and change management, enabling a greater understanding of how resources are delivered, used, and recycled. When problems arise, our problem management solutions bring decades’ worth of experience, troubleshooting and building solutions, ensuring quick recovery and maintaining uptime.

WrightCore’s success stories all have two things in common—they start with a need to improve the way a company does business, and they end in a proven solution that strategically integrates devices and services.